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The Venue

The Buzz cocktail lounge is re birthed as well as spruced up for the brand-new 2016 year.

Every little thing you liked from it’s starting, but with some brand-new weaves to constantly maintain you returning for even more. It’s contemporary style combined with vintage features as well as hot new colors draws out your enthusiasm for dancing as well as music.

The Buzz Club’s major draw is the huge dance flooring, where some of the city’s ideal movers go to shuck and jive. Each evening is themed, with Saturday’s “No Limits” night usually the biggest draw. Throughout the week, the Buzz Club is a friendly place to capture salsa as well as R&B beats as well, as well as periodic online music.

Come relax in the coffee shop, an open lounge area for weeknights. A terrific place to spend your time, drinks and cocktails in addition to comfortable seating, wifi access. An area to socialize, perfect atmosphere for networking.